Blossoming Women Online Course

Awaken Feminine Fullness, Reclaim Your Sensuous Self and Unleash the Glowing Goddess Within.


As we nurture our feminine nature, we reclaim parts of us that may have been forgotten, lain dormant or that we never even knew we had. We arrive back home to ourselves.


One of my deepest wishes is for every woman to truly flower in all parts of her life and therefore I have, apart from my live courses, created this Blossoming Women online course, a 2-month journey that invites you to explore feminine flowering and reclaim your fullness as woman.

A Safe Space to Flower into Your Full Potential

In this online program you can imagine us gathering in a sacred virtual temple. Over the course of two months, you will receive access to seven doors (modules) unlocking access to ancient and modern feminine teachings as well as practical tools and techniques to enhance your way of relating with yourself, your body and the world around you. All set in a supportive space of sisterhood.

"When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens" -Phylicia Rashad

This course was sparked by many touching transformations I have been blessed to witness in my work with women over the past 17 years, individually as well as in the group programs. Time and again I was moved by the deep changes that have taken place in the inner and outer lives of these beautifully brave participants. My deepest wish is to watch women all over the world (including you of course!) flower into the fullest expression of who they are and how they bring this into their lives.

This is why I am so thrilled to expand this sacred space and bring this offering online for the second edition!


“And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”   - Anaïs Nin -


What Are You Willing to Leave Behind?

You may have been hearing the calling, you may have wondered if there was a different way, you may have simply been exhausted of all the demands seemingly made of you. You may feel deep inside that it is time to change some of the patterns that have been holding you back.

  • Do you find yourself pleasing people around you more than the most important person in your life... yourself?
  • Do you at times find yourself going through life, lacking passion and pleasure?
  • Do you have difficulties relating with people in an authentic, relaxed way?
  • Do you feel lonely and have difficulties to reach out to others?
  • Do you enjoy empowering those your love, but seem to be critical towards yourself?
  • Are you energetically sensitive, which makes you often feel overwhelmed and blocked?
  • Do you miss a community of like-minded sisters?
  • Do you find it difficult to find and listen to the voice in your heart?
  • Are you longing to feel and express your creative spark
  • Do you feel your level of self-love is low and don't know how to love yourself?
  • Are you wondering where your sexual and sensual potential is hiding?

Dearest Sister, when you recognize yourself in one or more of these points, first of all, please don’t judge and be kind to yourself! You are not alone...

For many years I used to feel numb inside, withdrawn, tense and holding back in many areas of life- not fully alive, hiding it all by putting on a mask that everything was fine, often with a smile on my face. I was also very driven and a perfectionist, which created even more tension and an over-wired nervous system.

This inner state drove me already as a young woman to explore meditation, bodywork, therapy and took me into a spiritual journey that is still unfolding. Over the course of 30 years, I have gratefully assimilated an abundance of knowledge and techniques that gradually has freed myself of those limitations and have allowed me to flower into who I am today: truly loving myself and my life.

I have had the pleasure of teaching what I have learned, and so much more, to women from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I have met so many sisters just like you. And after witnessing the most beautiful transformations occur time and again, I want to let you know that it is truly possible - yes, also for you - to live the most fulfilling version of your Self and your Life.


Are You Ready to Step into a New Way of Being in the World?


So what exactly does that mean?

Let me first introduce you to the Blossoming Woman…

A Blossoming Woman is one of those Sparkling Souls who:

  • Lives with passion, purpose and personal power
  • Has flowered into her feminine fullness and potential
  • Enjoys her physical senses and makes pleasure a priority
  • Loves and cares for herself as much as those around her
  • Lives harmoniously in tune with nature and her own natural cycles and rhythms
  • Has freed herself from society’s straightjacket and expresses herself freely
  • Speaks her truth and steps up when needed
  • Appreciates and honors the masculine in her inner and outer world
  • Is fully present in her body and rooted in the present moment
  • Enjoys her body, her sensual self, and takes loving care of her physical temple
  • Has moved beyond competition, she connects with and supports her sisters
  • No longer believes in the lies of her limiting beliefs
  • Obeys the voice of her inner wisdom
  • Audaciously follows the path towards her deepest dreams
  • Radiates and spreads her flowering feminine essence in all directions
  • Loves living a life of inner and outer beauty

Reclaiming your Blossoming Being - Are You In?


When you lovingly nourish the soil of your soul, your inner bud blossoms into full flower, and the world is enriched with your unique gift.


If any of the above words resonated, if you get excited about the thought of living as your best blossoming self, infusing your life with passion and purpose, and you are ready for a new way of living your life… then I would love to invite you on board of the Blossoming Women Online Course!


What You Will Receive?


Experience the magic that unfolds when women come together in sacred Space and sisterhood in the setting of our own virtual temple...

In the Blossoming Women Online Course I have extracted the most precious pearls from my longtime experience of creating women circles. There will be 7 modules with theoretical teachings and potent practices, 2 live webinars, bonuses and a private Facebook group to experience the power, magic and support of sacred sisterhood.

♥ 7 Theory Modules

Every 9 days a new door (module) will open, focusing on different areas of unleashing your feminine essence, with the chakras serving as a guideline throughout our journey. We will cover the areas of feminine embodiment, sensual awakening, women’s power, heart alchemy, self expression, intuitive wisdom and glowing goddesshood - as described below.

♥ Practices and Meditations with Each Module

Each theoretical teaching is accompanied by practical exercises/meditations to implement and embody what you have learned. These are some of the most potent practices that I have been using in my women’s rooms. Many women have been asking me if I have recordings of some of the meditations and exercises, well, here they are.

♥  2 Live Webinars

There will be 2 webinars in which I will be connecting with you live, and where you will have the chance to connect with other sisters and ask any questions.

♥  Private Facebook Group

Once you have joined the Blossoming Women Online Course, you will be added to our secret Facebook group. This is the space for you to experience the support of sisterhood. Here you can share about your journey, exchange inspiration and meet new like-minded sisters who might even become part of your life-long tribe.

♥  Bonuses

Extra practices and interview videos, content to be revealed later...


The 7 Doors to Awaken and Sustain Feminine Fullness


Every 9 days, you will receive access to a new door :


– Seventh door – Unleashing the Goddess

(March 11 - 20)

Stepping into your Glowing Goddesshood

Underneath all the layers that we like (or don’t like) to show to the world, lies our untouched, indescribable essence. We all come from the same source, yet the essence has a unique flavour to every woman. In this last door, we will be inviting your divine being to be unleashed and step out to shine as the Glowing Goddess that you really are.




I wouldn't want to miss this in my life! All the exercises give me so much! It makes me come home into my feminine body. Given from the heart of Marya adds all the vibrant loving radiance you wish for inspiration in an online course. The audio files with her soothing & inviting voice is so welcome. Ready for the flower petals overflowing out of your screen into your living space for blossoming? Thank you Marya, I love it!

Elleke van Sevenhoven

I've found deep nourishment and healing through the Blossoming Women online course by Marya Norell. She embodies all that she shares...having a rich tapestry of life experience... I love the way she communicates and shares wisdom which is free of pretense.

Jyoti Murray

"Thank you so much for bringing these practices into my life. I notice that three of them are really good to do at this moment. They bring me deep connection with my body and her power. They bring me softness space and love for who I am. Embodying, cultivating nourishing energy and self love is where I am now. How wonderful that I have all the time I need to delve into this whenever it is right for me.”


Goddess Marya is what she says, what she does. She is so passionate and capable. Her goddess awakens your goddess. And then that inner power in contact with all inner strength. That is what the earth needs. Us women, we make the difference. what is more beautiful then bringing so much care and love to your own goddess because you are a contribution. Living is Joy.


Your Investment


I am so pleased that you’re interested in joining the Blossoming Women Online Course! This is a one-time price that give you an unlimited time access to the course:

Price (one-time only): 197€

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you join us on this journey by following the modules and implement the practices, you will soon see positive changes in your life. In case however, you are not fully satisfied, we will return the total sum to you. In that case, all you need to do is to simply send us a request via email to cancel your participation within the first 30 days.


Pay 197€

Payment one time

Pay 67€ x 3

Payment in rates every 3 weeks



Frequently asked questions:

  • Q.For how long do I have access to the online course?

    A.The course is available for unlimited time. You can connect to your member area and watch the videos anytime you want. You are also welcome to follow any further editions of the online course as well as being part of the live online sessions.

  • Q.Can I join the online course if I am not completely available during the 2 month's journey?

    A.Yes, as your access to the course is unlimited in time, you can watch the videos at your own pace, which also means that, if you sometimes want to stretch any modules more than the 9 days, it is possible.

  • Q.Can I access all the doors (modules) from the begining?

    A.No, you access the first door when the course starts and then each door will open one after the other every 9 days. So you can can follow and integrate the process step by step, without being overwhelmed with too much information and practice.

  • Q.How much time do I have to dedicate each day to the course?

    A.This course has been especially designed for modern busy women, so you can easily incorporate the course in your daily schedule and still nourish your feminine soul with only 15-30 min of practices per day. Of course you can also choose to dedicate more time if you wish to.