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These radiant role models will inspire you on your path towards a life of passion, personal power and awakening.

Webinar 10: replay video from December 27th, 2017

"Light and Dark Faces of Seductress"

With Sofia Sundari

Seductress is one of the feminine archetypes. She is a vital part of every woman. Is she in control of you or are you in control of her? Is she the source of your sexual shame or is she blessing the world with her open unashamed sexual expression? Let’s meet her and invite her reveal all her sides to us.

Webinar 9: replay video from November 28th, 2017

"Glow From Within And Radiate Your Joy"

With Caroline Muir

Have you been dreaming of a life abundant with fulfillment, delight, and connection? Overflowing with energy and vitality, feeling confident about yourself wherever you go, attracting high-quality people into your life, lighting up any room you walk into, and activating a level of juicy sexual vitality you may not have felt in years? What if your opened your heart to deep, expansive, REAL joy?

As we express ourselves with full life force energy, we are sensual and we can be sexy — whether we’re involved with a partner or not. We dress to enjoy ourselves and we activate the energies of pleasure within our entire being. There is no amount of makeup, dieting, or cosmetic surgery that can even come close to revealing the vivacious, glowing inner light of your being. The glow which naturally radiates when you are in love with the essence of YOU.

In this webinar, Caroline Muir brings in her extensive experience as a Tantra Yoga educator, author, and founder of Divine Feminine Awakening, as she speaks about cultivating a connection with our heart and body as the gateway to the core of our feminine essence.

Webinar 8: replay video from September 18th, 2017

"The Power and Permission to Speak up as a Woman"

With Anaiya Sophia

Whilst so many of us are turning towards the authentic expression of our sexuality we can so often miss the essential partnering of our voice. The yogis tell us how the throat and sacral chakras are connected, the next piece of the puzzle would be for us actually live from this realization. The voice is the guardian of the grail, and the keeper of the temple. The awakening of the creative and often forgotten powers of the feminine voice is easily up there with her retrieval of sexual integrity and full spectrum of embodiment. On this call Anaiya will address the many challenges that stand in the way and inner alchemy to overcome them.

Because of a technical problem in the beginning, please forward to 6min 44s

Webinar 7: replay video from August 29th, 2017

"Home, Hearth and Heart"

With Åsa Kullberg

The home is the extension of our womb, the hearth is where the fire burns in our home and our heart is receptive to the seed of love. As women we are birthing Life, our dreams and our life experiences. Emphasis in this webinar will be on the unification, balance and harmony in our inner family, between the little girl, the woman within, our inner man and the wise woman, as well as how to create a success formula for our relationships and, in extension to our global family.

Webinar 6: replay video from April 3rd, 2017

"Flowering into your Full Feminine Potential"

With Marya Norell

"What would it be like to feel fully alive and flourishing in all areas of your life? If you woke up with a smile inside every morning, truly at home in your feminine body, enjoying your sensuous self, surrounded by loving relationships, empowered in your essence and allowing yourself to truly shine…

I would love to let you know, dear sister, that a luscious life of passion, purpose and personal power is possible for all of us. It starts with loving yourself enough to make the most conscious, caring choices each day." Marya

Webinar 5: replay video from February 23rd, 2017

"Women's Creative Intelligence"

With Pema

"I like to share with you about the importance of women’s waking up in our society. I feel it is time women come out of their lazy state, of their romantic emotional state to a state of inner intelligence. In our society of so-called free emancipated women, I actually mostly see women following the same dominative male destructive energy they are fighting against. I do not see many women using the intelligent creative force of the feminine energy, even though they claim using it. Women have become a copy of men dominative force in order to survive that energy. What about women waking up the creative nurturing force and sharing it in the world not in a men’s way, but truly in a women’s way?!.... I would like to share my view on this possibility and how to reach to it…" Pema

Webinar 4: replay video from January 5th, 2017

"Leadership with Heart"

With Suzanne Stolte

In these times of rapid change in the world as well as in the business environment, a new way of leadership is being called for. We have long operated in corporate settings dominated by men and their values. Yet feminine values such as intuition, empathy and communication skills are needed more than ever in order to create a balance. In these transitional times, can we be successful in the corporate world without always conforming to existing strategies and structures? Can we hold a leadership position and at the same time show our vulnerability, authenticity and feminine strength?

Webinar 3: replay video from October 27th, 2016

"Mastering the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine"

With Orly Doctori

We all have masculine and feminine elements inside of us. They are in an ongoing motion which creates all of life. We cannot rise and evolve by raising one element and putting down or even abusing the other. It is time for us to respect and honor both. Once we heal and unite the masculine and feminine inside of us, this will manifest in our man-woman relationships and in our lives. Mastering your divine feminine and divine masculine means being free to love and be loved, inside and out.

This webinar will provide you with new views on the relationship between men and women and understanding that there is a way to heal this relationship and come to master the divine.

Webinar 2: replay video from September 21st, 2016

"From great to extraordinary with feminine leadership"

With Kirsten Stendevad

The times we live in are calling women to step into their leadership. Each person counts - she will help determine the future of our planet. But we need not take leadership in the traditional way where we exhaust ourselves along the way, or have no time for our family. We need to take feminine leadership - leadership in alignment with our feminine essence.

The webinar explore ways to make a difference for yourself, your beloved ones and the world.

Webinar 1, replay video from September 2nd, 2016

"Are you ready to Blossom into Yourself?"

With Dr. Mary Prichard

"You don't have to hide anymore; it's time to shine your light. Like many women, I too have blossomed out of myself; the woman I once was holding space for and giving birth to the woman I am now. It was a beautiful unfolding – one not without turbulence, pain and grief, but one that gave me the soil I needed to grow forth from, to expand. For every drop of life experience that went into nourishing that soil, I am grateful, so very grateful. Are you ready to blossom into yourself? If so, it's time to re-prioritize your life and put you back at the top of your priority list."

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